Man uses Tinder to travel Europe for free

Allison Yee

It’s the dating app people use to find love, but one thrifty singleton is using Tinder to travel the world for free, swiping right to matches – and staying at their homes without paying a cent.

Belgian traveler Anthony Botta is shamelessly using the app to save him big bucks as he backpacks around Europe, admitting he’s a fan of the free accommodation with benefits scenario he’s set up.

“I [am] hosted only by ladies I matched on Tinder. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst,” he told the Metro.

Anthony refuses to pay for accommodation, crashing at his Tinder match's place instead. Photo: Instagram/zebotta

Anthony even has his own #TheZebottaLife, bragging about his carefree lifestyle as he's hit up eight countries and 20 different cities on his travels.

Staying with 21 women over his journey, Anthony admits he’s not that particular when it comes to setting up a place to stay.

Anthony even makes Youtube videos about his Tinder travel adventures. Photo: Instagram/zebotta
He often brags about not living the normal '9-5 life'. Photo: Instagram/zebotta

“The ladies, at the end, just need to host me,” he told the Metro.

“They don’t need to be like supermodels, but a couple of times I couldn’t find a host, so I just thought I’ll match everyone.”

Anthony claims to have matched with 3000 women, but stayed with 21 of them. Photo: Instagram/zebotta
Some of his self-confessed 'banter' is pretty offensive. Photo: Instagram/zebotta

However the traveler has been labelled a “w**ker” and “savage” for his attitude towards women.

“Don't judge other women's apartment who open their home to you, when you are the random, loser, stranger off the internet who cant afford $20 for a f**king hostel,” slammed one Instagram user.

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