Here's how to get through airport security faster

Kristine Tarbert

Whether you're excited to finally head of on that long awaited holiday or you're seriously running late for a flight, there is nothing worse than getting through security at the airport.

It's a game of luck when it comes to getting in the queue and deciding which line you're going to join - unless of course a member of the security staff assign you one.

Lining up at airport security can be a pain. Photo: Getty

If you do get the chance to choose there is apparently one simple trick that can save you a heap of time.

And it's all to do with sticking to the left.

There is a simple trick to get through faster. Photo: Getty

An experienced traveller has revealed that we subconsciously choose a side depending on our dominant hand.

Taking to online forum Quora, the person went on to explain that because a vast majority of people are right-handed, the line on the right will be busier than those on the left.

Stick to the lines on the left as most people use the right. Photo: Getty

And if you have a really good look around, the 'expert' also claims many airports will have an extra line off to the side for when things get really crazy.

Most of the time though they are rarely busy.

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