UK government releases top-secret UFO files

Kristine Tarbert

UFO hunters have finally succeeded in a decade long battle to get access to the “real life X Files” of the British government.

The final batch of reports done by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and dating back to the 1970s have been released to the National Archives.

The papers include UFO witness accounts, photos and sketches of mystery objects, and MoD and official reports of sightings.

But is there actual proof among them that aliens are real?

UK Government has released it's 'x-files'. Photo: Getty

Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator at the MoD says there is nothing conclusive in the reports the ufologists were hoping for, The Express reports.

“There's no smoking gun in these files that says UFOs are extraterrestrial, but there are plenty of interesting sighting reports and other related material relating to MoD research on the subject,” Pope, who worked on investigations in the 90s, said.

It comes after the US Pentagon also revealed it had been running a secret government UFO program. The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ran from 2007 and 2012.

Footage was even released from one of its missions which had the world talking. You can view it here:

The fact both governments have released this information within months of each other also has people talking.

“Coming so soon after the revelations about the Pentagon's UFO program, this will raise suspicion in the UFO community that there's been co-ordination between the US and UK government on this,” Pope says of the timing.

“These recent revelations in the UK and the US show that whatever you believe about the UFO mystery, some of us in government took the subject seriously.”

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