'You're royally invited': Universal peek inside Meghan's princess wedding

Bianca Soldani

The first time Meghan Markle’s Suits character attempted to walk down the aisle, it didn’t end too well.

Paralegal Rachel was left devastated at the altar when her groom Mike revealed he couldn’t follow through at the last minute.

And now that her fairy tale wedding is taking shape in real life, it seems Meghan’s character Rachel is ready to give it another crack.

Meghan is seen in a wedding dress again in a new promo on Universal. Photo: Universal

Universal have released a promo for a ‘brand new season of Suits’ that spruiks a second trip down the aisle.

Season five ended with Rachel, dressed in white, being left heartbroken as Mike decided he would serve his two year prison sentence for fraud as a single man. But fast forward to season seven and a wedding is back on the cards.

Cashing in Meghan’s real life buzz, Universal are ‘ROYALLY inviting’ viewers to catch the show in 2018. Check out the video above.

You're invited! Photo: Universal

Season seven is set to be Meghan’s last on the show after she confirmed that she will be giving up acting to take up her role as a full time royal.

She’s due to marry Prince Harry in May next year, during a ‘fun and joyful’ a ceremony at Winsor Castle.

Harry and Meghan's real life wedding will take place in May. Photo: Getty

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