Vagina slippers: the Christmas gift no one asked for

Aletha Wilkinson

Just when you thought we were all out of the woods as far as genitalia-themed products were concerned, along come 'vagina slippers'.

Seriously, there's something weird going on in 2017.

We've already had vagina perfume, vagina 'facials', and of course, vagina makeup.

So it probably shouldn't be a surprise to discover that some enterprising soul has been inspired to create... vagina slippers.

They're called vagina slippers, but that's actually a woollen depiction of a vulva. Just saying. Source: Etsy

* Woman has vagina surgery for naked-dating show

No, they're not a fluffy little slip-on for your nether region – not even sure how that would work, to be honest. These go on your feet, and they're decorated by larger-than-life (we hope) vulvas.

Cute pose, person wearing vagina slippers. Source: Etsy

Because obviously when you're cruising around the house in your loungewear, you want to have two enormous, pink vaginas staring at you from ground-level. Of course.

Sold on online craft marketplace Etsy, the socks are "knitted with care in a nonsmoking home" and "100% homemade", according to the seller, "HappyUnderwearGifts".

If you feel like saving on postage, they'll pair beautifully with the same seller's penis slippers. Divvy them up and have one of each for you and a friend!

Wouldn't these pair beautifully with the vajay slippers. Source: Etsy

Or how about a gorgeous, tasteful crocheted "boobs scarf"?

Subtle. Source: Etsy

Look, at least they're not vajazzled.

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