WATCH: Shocking bedbug video will leave your skin crawling

Kristine Tarbert

Brace yourself for what is the “worst case” of bedbugs these experienced pest controllers have ever seen.

The shocking video was shared to Facebook via Porter’s Pest Control, after pest controllers Peter and Mark were called to help deal with a six-year bedbug infestation in a London apartment building.

The men explain in the footage that they’ve been through all 135 flats across the six floors of the building and were able to track the source of the problem to this particular apartment.

Pest controller Peter starts pulling the sheets off the bed. Photo: Facebook

It's then revealed the couple that live in this unit have been evicted for their own safety. They’ve had bedbugs for six years.

“It takes a lot for me to wear coveralls for a bed bug problem,” Peter says to camera, during the live stream.

“Last night they were sleeping in this bed.”

And the footage is truly horrifying. There are cracks in the walls of the bedroom teeming with bedbugs, and they are seen openly crawling across the bedspread and the pillows.

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Mark reveals that everything in the property will be sprayed, wrapped and removed.

While pulling back the sheets from the bed, Peter, who has even used duct tape to seal his gloves and shoes to his overalls, says the bedbugs are numbered in their tens of thousands.

The bugs can be seen crawling on the sheets of the bed. Photo: Facebook

He goes on to explain there are so many bugs all out in the open because all the prime spots like the creases in the sheets are so packed already.

“The problem here is the residents walk the building every day, all six floors,” Peter says.

The residents were sleeping in this bed before being evicted. Photo: Facebook

“The gentleman and his wife have visited multiple flats across the building and all those flats are infested. And the flats either side of this one, they would just be pouring through the walls.

“It’s probably one of the worst that I’ve seen.”

The pair have treated 13 apartments already but Mark decided to live stream this to raise awareness.

“This is how bad things can get if you leave things untreated.”

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