WATCH: Nurse's clever tricks to give boy his shots goes viral

Allison Yee

One incredible nurse is going viral after an appreciative grandma posted her quick-thinking tactics in helping her grandson get his shots without so much of a whimper.

Tiffany Shelby Marshall posted the four-minute video of little Dimitri getting his injections which has since been watched over 21 million times on Facebook.

“This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen with this kid,” Tiffany captioned the video. “I almost peed myself.”

Tiffany posted an adorable video of her young grandson getting shots. Photo: Facebook

While Tiffany pre-empted the tears with a $5 bribe, the nurse – believed to be named Myranda – had a slew of tricks to help keep the tot’s mind off the impending jabs.

First distracting him with questions about what he got for Christmas, Myranda miraculously draws blood without him even noticing.

“I’m going to show you a magic trick, and then we’re going to paint,” she says before pin pricking his finger.

“Let’s paint, in a circle,” she says getting Dimitri to put his blood sample on a card.

Myranda's distraction techniques have gone viral. Photo: Facebook

“I didn’t cry,” Dimitri boasts proudly.

“For my next trick, you’ve got to give me a hug,” says the nurse. “You’ve got to give me a real big hug.

Wrapping Dimitri up in a big bear hug, he barely noticed the needle going in. Photo: Facebook

“I’ve got to see your muscles on this trick.”

Pulling up his shirt to see his muscles, the nurse swiftly delivers a shot – with no tears – and repeats the process on the other side.

Dimitri was all proud smiles when he made it through without crying. Photo: Facebook

Facebook have responded to the adorable video, praising the no-nonsense nurse.

“She’s awesome! Shoot I need to go to her too,” commented one.

“You can tell she loves kids,” wrote another. “Awesome job well done.”

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