You can now apply lipstick and liner in one go

Sarah Carty

If you’re like me, there’s no way you have time to apply a full face of make-up each and every morning.

In fact, I brush my hair on the go, check my shoes on the bus to make sure I have a matching pair on and often realise around lunchtime that the zipper on my top is halfway down my back.

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So when I heard Benefit had released a new line of lipsticks that not only come in some pretty epic shades but also have a built-in liner, the hectic morning version of myself just screamed inside me to give it a try.

We tried Benefit's new lipsticks and lipliners to see what the hype is about. Photo: Be/Shannon Aldwell

‘They’re Real, Double The Lip’ promised to not only make it seem like I spent way longer on my make-up than I did but to also give me a bigger pout – so of course I tried the ‘Flame Game’ colour on to see if it actually works.

The first thing I noticed was that it was super easy to put on and glided across my lips like a balm, however the colour pay off wasn’t especially impressive.

To get a good coat of colour, I definitely needed to sweep the lipstick over my lips a few times and it came off all over my hands throughout the day when I forgot I had put lipstick on.

The lipstick and liners come in eight different colours. Photo: Be/Shannon Aldwell
This is what 'Flame Game' looks like when it's applied. Photo: Be/Shannon Aldwell
Here's the result of 'Revved-Up Red'. Photo

But it was the liner that really had me intrigued. If you’re wondering how you put it on, it’s actually built into the top of the lipstick.

While the liner I chose was pretty obvious, the liner on some of the other colours didn’t come out as well and defeated the whole purpose of the product.

Yet for $20 it’s a fun lipstick to try and anything that aims to cut corners where getting ready is concerned is always going to be in my good books.

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