What happens when you're rude to hotel staff

Sarah Carty

Whether you’re working in retail, hospitality or in a call centre, dealing with the public is never easy.

And while we’re usually taught that the customer is always right, sometimes they’re just downright ride about it.

However, if you thought that being demanding and insulting will make workers respect you more, then think again because it’s now been revealed that hotel staff react in the complete opposite way.

This is what happens if you're rude to hotel staff. Photo: Maid in Manhatten

In fact, Jacob Tomsky, who has written the book Heads In Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality, claims they could meddle with your food.

“If you upset room service then they could spit in your food – the same as in any restaurant,” he told The Sun.

“News will spread very quickly through the hotel about horrible guests.

 “If you’re rude to someone who works in, for example, housekeeping, she will certainly go to room service and let them know.”

According to an expert, they could meddle with your room service. Photo: Getty Images

If they don’t decide to tamper with your food, he reckons they will make it arrive late arriving at your door.

Other ways staff deal with rude customers is by giving them the worst room in the hotel, freezing their credit cards and making them endure long waits.

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