When is the right time to take down your Christmas tree?

Kristine Tarbert

With 2018 on our doorstep and the hot cross buns already appearing on shelves, Christmas is well and truly over for another year. But does that mean you bin the tree straight away?

Every year the same debate rages on – when is the right time to take down your Christmas tree? And now a mum has sparked a fresh online debate after admitting hers was down on Boxing Day.

Given that we’re subjected to Carols and fairy lights as early as October, it’s no surprise that by Dec 26 people might be over it, yet others think it’s a “Grinch” move to do it that soon.

How soon should you take down your tree? Photo: Youtube

“Is it wrong to consider taking the tree down tomorrow? When is everyone else doing it,” a woman asked on parenting forum Mumsnet on Christmas Day.

“I think last year I did it just after Boxing Day. As the kids get older the presents seem to get bigger and I end up having to rearrange the whole room. Need that tree gone. Does that make me a grinch?”

Many agreed with the mum going so far as to saying it was “depressing” seeing the tree up after Christmas.

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“I think ours will come down on 27th (but only as we're out all day tomorrow). I love it in the run up to Christmas but then find it the most depressing thing to look at afterwards. Always try to do a good sort and clean before the new year,” one person wrote.

But there were many that disagreed, saying it was against the spirit of the season to take the tree down before January.

“Oh no, you bunch of grinches, you can’t take your tree down while it’s still Christmas!” one woman said.

“You may as well put the Easter eggs out now then while you’re at it.”

Traditionally January 5 or 6 is the time to do it. Photo: Getty

So is there a right day to do it?

While every family’s traditions vary, many wait until January 5 or 6, as it’s considered traditionally as the 12th day after Christmas, representing the end of the Christmas season, according to the church.

Others do it on the 31st ready for the New Year.

Whenever you do it, make sure to take the time to appreciate the effort you took in putting it up, and the memories made under it, until we do it all again next year.

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