Women reveal what they really think of their engagement rings

Kristine Tarbert

Women from around the world have let rip about what they really think of the precious engagement rings they obviously had no hand in choosing.

Everyone know that when it comes to the ultimate declaration of love it should be the though that counts. That your partner is pouring his heart out and revealing that he or she wants to spend the rest of their life with you.

And many a time in the ecstatic rush of emotions that follows, the ring becomes somewhat of an afterthought.

Are you happy with your engagement ring? Photo: Getty

But not for everyone it seems as women have revealed how they really feel about the diamond on their finger, with some even admitting they have already considered or even completed an upgrade.

Fussy brides from around the world shared their true feelings on secret sharing site Whisper, with one bride even admitting she upgraded her ring before the wedding because she "couldn't bear to flaunt" the original.

This woman upgraded even before the wedding. Photo: Whisper.com
One person admitted to laughing at her ring. Photo: Whisper.com

Another woman said she actually laughed at her first ring before spending $8,000 to get one she liked better.

With money often being an issue many women said they had to start with something cheaper before being able to afford to 'upgrade' their ring down the track.

Would you wear a fake ring if you knew? Photo: Whisper.com
Many have upgraded their rings with their partner's blessing. Photo: Whisper.com

But one person shocked by sharing that her ring was actually "fake", although we don't know how or when she found that out.

However, despite some not being happy with what they ended up with, a majority of posters said they wouldn't upgrade their ring for anything because it holds too much sentimental value.

But most said their ring had too much sentimental value. Photo: Whisper.com
Even after their husbands have offered. Photo: Whisper.com

"My ring was $175 from the local pawn shop," one person wrote.

"We were young and poor but in love. He has offered to upgrade it since then but I don't want to."

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