Sophie Monk has a taste for the silver fox

Olivia Morris

She is set to star as the next Bachelorette and it turns out Sophie Monk had a specific type of man in mind when she signed on to the hit show.

In a casting request seen by Be, a callout was made for Bachelors aged 40 to 58 to meet Sophie’s apparent taste for the silver fox.

The 37-year-old obviously wants a real man!

Sophie may have a taste for the silver fox! Source: Getty

Back in February, Sophie was clear about her intentions for starting a family as soon as possible so that may have something to do with looking for an older man to settle down with.

“I’ve never felt clucky until now. Recently, anything little, I just want it,” she told TheDaily Telegraph.

“Ideally I’d like to have kids this year but I need a guy,” she added.

She is apparently keen to have kids as soon as possible. Source: Channel 10 / The Bachelorette AU Instagram

Good thing she's decided to go on TheBachelorette then!

Rumoured contestant 44-year-old Stu Laundy most certainly fits in with the casting call requirement.

Rumoured Bachelorette contestant Stuart Laundy, 44, fits in with the casting call requirements. Source: Facebook

He is the brother of Federal Liberal Minister Craig Laundy and their father Arthur Laundy is a well-known pub owner.

According to the newspaper, Stu is set to inherit the $500 million family fortune.

We can't wait to watch Sophie's journey to find love! Source: Getty

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However, he reportedly already has four children with his ex-partner and the outlet has reported he may have had a vasectomy so that may not fit well with Sophie’s requirements in a man.

Either way, we’re excited to see her star as The Bachelorette in the coming months.

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