Want more sleep on a plane? Here’s how to recline your seat

Kristine Tarbert

There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep on a plane – unless of course you’re one of those lucky people that simply close their eyes and wake up 14 hours later.

If you don’t fall into that category, it’s possible you’ve been reclining your seat wrong and sitting incorrectly, which is stopping you from getting some shut eye.

Luckily for us, an expert in posture has revealed the best position for your seat in order to fall asleep.

Sleeping on a plane is not the easiest thing. Photo: Getty

Andrew Lawrence is the president of the Chiropractors Association of Australia and says the best position for sleeping in economy is to have your seat only “slightly” reclined. Not all the way.

“The best position for reclining is about halfway which gives assistance with holding the head in place but doesn’t put too much backward pressure on the hips,” Andrew told Escape.

Experts suggest to only recline your seat halfway. Photo: Getty

“As far as the skeleton is concerned the pelvis – specifically the ischia or the hard bony things we sit on – and the area where the spine and pelvis meet are under the greatest pressure when we’re sitting upright and awake but when we sleep the neck takes the biggest pressure.”

The Melbourne chiropractor also says a cushion at the base of the spine is essential to help maintain the lumbar curve and reduce pressure at the junction of lower back and pelvis.

He also says to have a cushion at the base of your spine. Photo: Getty

So now that we have the seat set up correctly, and in a way that is less likely to annoy the person behind you, all you need is a decent travel pillow and you’re good to go.

Or sleep. Good luck.

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