Get a whole row to yourself next time you fly

There are few things that compare to the genuine elation one experiences when finding out that the seat next to you on a plane is going to remain empty.

So imagine the absolute bliss of having an entire row all to yourself.

Well one clued-in traveller has revealed his trick to make sure he always ends up with the best seat in economy class.

Blogger Gilbert Ott, an expert at finding cheap flights and scoring first class seats, says he uses an app called ExpertFlyer, and has found himself with an entire row of seats on more than one occasion.

get the best plane seats

Imagine having a way to secure a whole row of seats to yourself. Photo: Getty

In a blog post for God Save The Points, Gilbert explained that the app "allows users to view up-to-the-moment seating charts and, better yet, allows users to set alerts for when and if their ideal seat pops up."

He says the app basically allows you to play ‘musical chairs’ within the cabin right up until the time of boarding.

travel blogger gilbert ott

Travel blogger Gilbert Ott has revealed what app he uses to secure the best seats. Photo: Facebook

“If the best seat in the house is available immediately — book it. If not, get the next best available seat — and set free alerts on ExpertFlyer for any and all the seats you’d prefer,” he continues.

“Once everyone else has settled their fate, you can often stand in the boarding line with your app open seeing if final seating assignments have created any opportunities — like an entire row to yourself. It really does happen."

best plane seats

He says to keep an eye on the seats right up until boarding. Photo: Getty

Speaking to Business Insider, Gilbert says there are a few things to keep in mind:

Figure out the best seats on your flight using sites like SeatGuru, set alerts for the type of seat you prefer (like any free window seat) and keep your eye on the seat map after check in.

"There’s nothing wrong with asking the gate agent if it’s possible to move to (insert seat number) just before boarding, or even perhaps during. And don’t forget, some airlines will even sell you a row."

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