Furious fruit and veg shoppers call out Coles and Woolies

Sarah Carty

Supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths have come under fire for the way they package the fruit and vegetables.

Greens member Jeremy Buckingham posted an image to his Facebook page showing vegetables packaged in plastic at the supermarkets.

“Who is else is sick of walking into supermarkets and seeing all the fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic?” he wrote alongside the image.

“C'mon Coles & Woolworths - lift your game!”

Greens member Jeremy Buckingham posted this picture to his Facebook page. Photo: Facebook/Jeremy Buckingham

In just one hour the post had already sparked a debate, with people complaining about the plastic actually making the vegetables sweat, ruining them.

“I'm sick of the plastic wrap. Sick of sweaty veges that have no shelf life the minute I take them out of the shops,” one woman wrote on the comments.

One person also called out Aldi for using the same practice and said it drives her “crazy”.

Another person said her local IGA also packages the fruit and vegetables and it makes her not want to buy them.

“I never buy them if they are wrapped in plastic,” one person said.

Last June, people were furious with Woolworths after they started to package the sweet potato in stores.

People were appalled that the supermarket chain has decided to package the potatoes in plastic containers, instead of leaving them out in the open.

"Sweet potatoes can go from your shelf to my trolley to my kitchen without ever needing to touch a plastic bag, let alone a plastic tray as well!!!," the post read.

The majority of commenters agreed with the woman, with many saying they also thought the exact same thing when they saw the sweet potatoes in their local Woolies.

“We have managed to eat fruit and veg that didn't come in plastic packaging for 100 years. Please don't tell us that we need it now. We don't, the planet doesn't and I'm sure you could even save yourselves some Woolworth dollars!,” one person commented.

Last June, one shopper posted this image to Facebook and it caused outrage. Photo: Facebook

Woolworths replied to the post on Facebook, claiming the plastic cases were “to preserve the product throughout the supply chain”.

“We make efforts to use our packaging as efficiently as possible,” they continued.

‘As such, many of our packaged produce lines are also available in loose format.

“When considering new recyclable packaging options, we need to ensure that it meets our existing food safety standards, product integrity requirements, and that it sustains the appropriate shelf life of our products to reduce food waste.

“We’ll continue to work with our suppliers to actively pursue packaging alternatives that reduce the amount of packaging or increasing its recyclability where possible.”

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