Escort spills the beans on ‘secret training sessions’

Allison Yee

She’s the controversial mum-turned-sex worker who decided to start her own agency and now Samantha X has lifted the lid on the secrets behind what she teaches the women who work for her.

Samantha X, also known as Amanda Goff, shot to fame in 2014 after she outed her double life as a single mum-of-two and sex worker in her book, Hooked – Secrets of a High Class Escort.

A year later, the Sydney-based former journalist started her own escort agency Samantha X Angels, and handpicked 12 women to work for her, sharing the tricks she learned as a high-class escort.

Samantha shocked the world when she came clean about her double life as a mum and escort. Photo: Instagram/samanthaxreal

Aged between 25 and 61, Amanda has told the Daily Mail that while some people have a preconceived notion of what a sex worker might be, her girls are mostly ‘professional women, leading very normal lives’, who might be struggling financially to support their families.

Confessing that some are even married and living double lives, Samantha claims to have embarked on secret training sessions with everyone from teachers, TV personalities and psychologists.

Samantha now has 12 women working for her. Photo: Instagram/samanthaxreal

The 43-year-old madam refuses to hire anyone under the age of 25, and steers clear of women who are arrogant or are in it for the cash.

Her girls charge $660 per hour for their services, so Samantha ensures her clients get the experience they pay for by finding the right women to do the job.

Samantha's girls range from teachers and psychologists, with some of them married and living double lives as sex workers. Photo:

“We rarely talk about sex,” she told the Daily Mail.

The madam has a strict policy of not hiring women under 25. Photo: Instagram/samanthaxreal

“We mostly discuss walking into a hotel lobby without drawing attention to yourself, how to deal with a client who falls in love with you (it happens a lot), safety, (again, thankfully nothing has ever gone wrong), how to manage an hour without clock watching, how to check for STIs, how to ask for cash upfront without sounding rude and so on.”

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