WATCH: Foo Fighters and Rick Astley troll festival

Amy Stevenson

If there's anyone who could pull off the perfect Rickroll, it's the Foo Fighters, and that's exactly what they've done with new pal Rick Astley.

Yes, that's right, Dave Grohl along with his many pals in the Fooies managed to troll the crowd at Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo over the weekend by bringing out the 80s pop star, who will never give you up, or let you down, or run around, even after all these years.

Before the Rickroll. Source: YouTube

Rick was also headlining the festival, so naturally the Fooies decided to bring him out on stage for a mash up to end all mash ups, perfectly combining the Rickrolling tune Never Give You Up with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Yes, you read that correctly.

"This is f***ing crazy, I just met him two minutes ago," Dave told the crowd as Rick made his way out.

Dave admitted he only met Rick two minutes before the epic mash-up. Source: YouTube
The Rick we all know and love. Source: YouTube

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It's weird but Rick's lyrics fit a little bit TOO well with the Nirvana classic.

Check it out for yourselves and watch the video above!

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