Gamble Breaux unleashes on new Sydney Housewives star

Amy Stevenson

Gamble Breaux is one of Australia's original Melbourne Housewives.

And now she's started a battle with her new Real Housewives of Sydney counterpart Lisa Oldfield.

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Gamble has spoken her mind on the new Sydney series. Source: Getty

Following the announcement of the new Sydney cast, Gamble lashed out at Lisa on Facebook, describing her as a "Anne Winters" - presumably comparing her to Vogue editor Anna Wintours thanks to a similar haircut - before adding "Good luck riding off our ratings you stupid old cow".

Wow, aren't things getting bitchy!

“Blood sucking ticks like you wouldn’t survive in Melbourne. I have a better looking mop at home that I clean my floors with!” Gamble signed the post off with, clearly a little up-set that the Foxtel's hit series has branched out to Sydney.

Lisa was at the centre of Gamble's attack. Source: Getty

The rant comes after Lisa, who is married to One Nation co-founder David Oldfield, joked about the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry at the launch of the new series.

“I wouldn’t compare myself to any of those girls,” she said on Friday.

Lisa seems unfazed by the comments. Source: Getty

“The benchmark is so low. The best thing about Melbourne is their upside-down river, which is heavily polluted. The best thing that came out of Melbourne is probably Underbelly so really we are starting very low. But I mean, they look like a lot of fun but they’d have to come up here because I certainly wouldn’t go down there.”

Hitting back at Gamble's claim that she'd "never heard" of her, Lisa took another swipe at the blonde who is married to eye surgeon Rick Wolfe.

“I’m not surprised she hasn’t heard of me. I made my name in the boardroom, she made hers in the bedroom,” Lisa told The Daily Telegraph.

Lisa is married to David Oldfield. Source: Getty

“This is just a desperate grab to remain relevant. It is reality TV, we are not saving lives. My original comments were just to create a bit of drama in good fun. I love Melbourne, my brother lives there and I was there last week. I was playing on the whole Sydney/Melbourne rivalry.”

Lisa joins Melissa Tkautz, Matty Samaei, Nicole O’Neil, Victoria Rees, Krissy Marsh and AthenaX Levendi for the Sydney Housewives cast.

The series is set to air on Foxtel next year.

And we feel like there is a war brewing between the two states!

Gamble and husband Rick Wolfe. Source: Getty

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