We need to talk about joggers

Sarah Carty

If you've seen the video, released today, of the jogger appearing to shove a woman into the path of London bus, we're guessing you're pretty furious too.

They pant and puff their way down the street in a heap of sweat, wearing ridiculously tight lycra nobody should ever have to see and throwing side eye at anyone who gets in their way.

Of course, I’m talking about joggers, runners, marathon sprinters, racers or whatever the people who clap in my face to tell me to move off their personal circuit (a.k.a the footpath) like to call themselves.

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Up until now, joggers have been left alone to increasingly dictate where we should stand when they want to pass us, but after the video came to light of the runner on Putney Bridge putting someone in "extreme danger" - we think it’s about time runners were put back in their box.

This jogger was caught on camera shoving a woman in front of a bus. Photo: Met Police

London's Metropolitan Police have distributed CCTV of the incident, which left the woman with minor injuries back in May.

If you haven’t seen the video (watch it above) it’s basically the story of our lives – minus the near-death, bus-almost-running-over- the-woman part.

Warning: Major rant ahead!

Every lunch time we’re in a constant battle with overeager joggers desperate to take up way more room than even a rhino would need to gallop along.

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While we’re simply trying to get even halfway to our 10,000 steps a day target, we’re shouted at, clapped at, whistled at and nearly pushed over the pier and into the harbour by entitled runners who turn the path into their personal gym, without any warning.

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Worse are the packs of joggers who have found a mutual love of pounding the pavement and roaring at walkers at an unnecessary volume - which we passionately believe should be reserved for football matches only.

And forget talking – joggers seem to have thrown every rule about speaking in public out the window and appear to think everyone in 5km of their vicinity needs to hear their whole life story at an obnoxiously loud level.

We know they’re working out and getting fit and being healthier than we’ve every dreamed of, but can’t they have a little respect for the rest of us who prefer sauntering over sprinting and a burger rather than a protein ball?

Sadly this man is only one of many obnoxious joggers out there in the world. Photo: Met Police

I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried the whole jogging thing many times and despite the fact that I’m usually out of breath after about 20 strides, I’ve packed it in after a few goes - mainly because I can’t get to that level of annoyance reserved for joggers only.

Thankfully for the rest of us who prefer better working out conduct, there's the gym - which come complete with treadmills so there's no need for joggers to come across any inconveniant pedestrains.

However if the video released today of the jogger in London is anything to go by, we don't think running etiquette is going to change any time soon.

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