Mean Girl make-up could soon be a thing

Jennifer Fletcher

Brace yourself, ladies….

You may be able to look like a member of the Plastics very soon!

Storybook Cosmetics – a project started by Nebraska-based sisters Missy, Erin and Mandy Maynard – has revealed that they are working on creating a Mean Girls make-up palette.

Mean Girls cast: Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried. Source: Getty

The beauty set is said to include references to the 2004 film, including a pink shade for Wednesdays when 'everyone wears pink', one called 'Mouse duh' and another shade for when ‘You can’t sit with us’.

(Hopefully they will also develop a sexy Halloween-inspired one down the line too.)

Mean Girl make-up. Source: Instagram

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In the post, which appeared on Story Cosmetics' Instagram page, the set sketch looks like the movie’s infamous Burn Book - so fetch!

So when can we expect to have this on our make-up stands?

“It all depends on licensing,” the sisters reveal.

Fingers firmly crossed.

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