Miranda Kerr’s pregnancy diet must-have

Bianca Soldani

Miranda Kerr is pregnant with her second child - her first with new hubby Evan Spiegel - and as her body changes, so has her diet.

The former Victoria’s Secret model is all about having a clean and healthy lifestyle and she took Harper’s Bazaar to the supermarket in a series of Snapchat videos this week, to reveal exactly what she puts in her trolley.

Unsurprisingly, fresh fruit and veg were right at the top of her list, with avocados, radishes, beets and fresh herbs all making the cut; no wonder she has such glowing skin.

Miranda Kerr is all about organic produce - its the one thing all her purchases have in common. Photo: Snapchat/Harper's Bazaar

She also picked up free range chicken and eggs, as well as goat’s milk, almonds, kale chips and seaweed snacks.

But the one theme that ran across almost every single item that she took home, is that it was all organic – even her one sweet treat, organic chocolate.

“I love eating local and organic produce,” she said, “The quicker it goes from the farm to the table the more nutrients there is.”

Organic is so much a part of Miranda's lifestyle that it even made it into the name of her skincare brand, Kora Organics.

Miranda is looking amazing. Photo: Getty

Taking her fans through what she eats on a regular day, Miranda said she likes to wake up to grapefruit.

The Aussie beauty spoons out the flesh and eats with it with a tiny bit of raw sugar sprinkled on top, saying it helps keep her nausea at bay.

Next comes some good old-fashioned avocado on gluten-free toast, and a salad made of spinach, rocket and grilled chicken for lunch.

Miranda puts kale chips, seaweed snacks, organic chocolate, free range eggs and goat's milk in her basket. Photo: Scapchat/Harper's Bazaar

She likes to dress her salad with lemon and apple-cider vinegar instead of the often high-sugar dressings you can buy at the shops.

Snacking is also a big part of her pregnancy diet and she loves to sip on noni juice as a pick-me-up.

“Because I’m pregnant, I like to snack a lot,” she said, “Snacking regularly when I’m pregnant helps me feel less nauseous.”

So there you have it, that's exactly what Miranda Kerr does.

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