MKR's Emma Byron regrets drinking on the show

Emma Shepherd

It was the second public's vote challenge on this season of My Kitchen Rules which showed the contestants celebrating two Australian past times, lawn bowls and barbecue on Wednesday night's episode.

But unfortunately some teams couldn't handle the heat on the bowling green in this competition cook-off leaving contestants Emma and Jess turning to the alcohol to assist with their stress levels.

But the girls were filled with instant regret after they downed their alcoholic beverage.

Emma shared that she felt she probably shouldn't have had alcohol during the challenge. Source: Seven
Emma and Jess were seen enjoying some white wine during their cooking challenge. Source: Seven
Olga and Valeria didnt think the girls should have had anything to drink. Source: Seven

"I probably got stuck into the wine when I shouldn't have," Emma confessed after failing to impress the judges and group 2 after their steak sandwich fail.

And it wasn't just Emma that knew that drinking alcohol on the MKR challenge was a little silly.

"Maybe if they don't drink that much they might actually produce a good meal," Valeria muttered after watching the girls slurp away on their sauvignon blancs.

"I'm calling it right now," contestant Hadil expressed to the viewers, "I think they're going to be on the bottom."

Hadil felt the girls weren't in good position from the start. Source: Seven

Luck unfortunately wasn't on their side this challenge after many teams felt Jess and Emma's steak sandwich just didn't push the bar high enough, and if they were going to serve a steak sandwich it had to be executed perfectly.

"It's just playing it safe," Hadil told the rest of the group. "I just think it's not a big enough challenge."

"Obviously judging from the other contestants we weren't the favourites," Emma told the viewers.

But a sliver of hope came Emma and Jess' way after scores were tallied and the judges had their final say.

Colin was perplexed as to why the boys cooked fried food when it was a barbecue challenge. Source: Seven

"Josh and Nic you cooked fritto misto," Colin proclaimed. "You're dish turned into a fried food festival."

"I like fried food," Colin said, "But this is a barbecue challenge."

Unfortunately the Italian boys were the lowest scoring team which sent them to elimination house to cook against Matt and Ally.

Jess and Emma you're safe for now... just.

To watch the eliination house cook-off between Matt and Ally and Josh and Nic stay tuned at watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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