New hot mug-shot model 'Prison Bae' gets an agent

Maggie Parker

Step aside, Jeremy Meeks. There’s a new mug-shot model in town, and this one’s even easier on the eyes.

Mekhi Alante Lucky is the latest ex-con to catch the fashion industry's eye. Photo: Instagram

According to public records, Mekhi Alante Lucky was arrested on charges of speeding and driving a stolen vehicle in 2016. However, his mug shot made news because of his hypnotic eyes.

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Unfortunately, his one piercing blue eye and one brown eye didn’t work on the cops when he allegedly resisted arrest. But they worked on the internet, shooting him to viral fame as “Prison Bae” in 2017, when Twitter learned of his existence.

Having irises of different colours is called heterochromia. It creates a look that is unique and striking, even more so on Lucky (in part thanks to his great bone structure). This could be why agency St. Claire Modeling has signed the 20-year-old North Carolina resident.

The agency “introduced” Lucky as a client last week, and he’s already done high-fashion shoots arranged by the agency.

With eyes like that, Lucky is bound to have a big career; his Instagram account already has more than 19,000 followers. And he’s got fans on his tail.

If the success of Meeks, a former prisoner who’s now walked multiple major fashion week shows, is any indication, Lucky has a lot to look forward to.

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