Nicole Kidman's raunchy new sex scene

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She's no stranger to the odd steamy scene in her movies and now Nicole Kidman strips off once again in her latest flick.

In the 50-year-old's latest role opposite Colin Farrell in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, where the pair play a married acting out a twisted sexual fantasy in one particular raunchy scene.

While Colin's surgeon character watches his wife, Nic pretends to be unconscious on their marital bed before her movie-husband crawls on top of her, removes her lingerie and begins to kiss her.

Nicole Kidman strips off in a steamy new scene. Source: Getty
In the flick, Nic pretends to be unconscious while her husband looks on. Source: New Sparta Films

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, follows the story of a surgeon who must protect his family after mistakes from his past come to haunt him.

The unsettling scene will no doubt get viewers hot under the collar, and probably left Nic's real-life hubby Keith Urban a little red faced.

The actress shows off her bod in the scene. Source: New Sparta Films
Colin Farrell stars alongside the Aussie actress. Source: New Sparta Films
Her on-screen husband then proceeds to remove her clothing and kiss her. Source: New Sparta Films

Of course it's not the first time the mother-of-four has shared a steamy scene with a co-star, with Nic's role in the acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies seeing her abused and at times even raped, by her character's husband, played by Alexander Skarsgård.

While starring in the 1999 flick Eyes Wide Shut with then-husband Tom Cruise, Nic stripped off for a somewhat now-infamous sex scene with the actor.

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