People can't stop looking at Kate Middleton's unusual fingers

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As her due date fast approaches, all eyes have been on the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing baby bump.

But yesterday, it was the Duchess’ unusual fingers that courted the most attention on a visit to Pegasus primary school in Oxford, which is part of an innovative charity programme to support emotional health and wellbeing.

Looking typically stylish in a $123 cream maternity coat from high street brand JoJo Maman Bebe’s ‘princess’ line, the 36-year-old royal, who is pregnant with her third child, was greeted by well-wishers at the school.

People can't stop looking at Kate Middleton's fingers. Photo: Getty Images

But as she held onto her small, brown clutch fans couldn’t help but notice that her fingers appeared to be the same length.

While many people have noticeably longer middle fingers, than their ring or index finger, unusually the Duchess’ fingers all appeared to be roughly the same length.

And science has something to say about what this might signify.

Previous research has suggested that if you have a longer index finger than ring finger, you’re likely to be less co-ordinated and bad at sports, but you’re probably better at verbal tasks.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s fingers all appear to be roughly the same size. Photo: Getty Images

But if your ring finger is longer, you’re probably less anxious, better at visualizing 3D objects rotating and have more athletic abilities.

It’s all to do with testosterone, you see.

Scientists believe that index fingers that are longer than ring fingers are a result of higher exposure to testosterone in the womb.

On the other hand (sorry!), ring fingers that are longer than index fingers are a result of higher exposure to oestrogen.

The Duchess of Cambridge was on a visit to a primary school in Oxford. Photo: Getty Images

Another study carried out by psychologists at Oxford University and Northumbria University found that those with ring and index fingers that are the same length ie the Duchess of Cambridge tend to be more faithful in relationships.

On her visit to the school on Tuesday, Kate met with parents to hear more about how their families have overcome challenges with the support of Family Links.

The charity integrates emotional health support into pupils’ education at the school, and offers support to the wider family through a range of workshops.

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