Rita Ora befriends Sunrise's Cash Cow

Olivia Morris

A pairing you probably never thought you'd see is Rita Ora and the Sunrise Cash Cow chilling together on the show.

Well, your expectations will probably be knocked out of the park as the singer looked like she was old pals with the Cash Cow on Wednesday morning.

"This is my mate," the singer said as the Sunrise hosts welcomed Rita to the couch.

Rita Ora and the Cash Cow looked like they were best pals on Sunrise. Source: Seven
Rita joined the Cash Cow and the rest of the team on the Sunrise couch. Source: Seven

"How weird is this sitting next to a cow on a couch in Australia?" Natalie Barr joked to the 26-year-old.

Rita admitted it was "really cool" but also was a bit "freaked out" because she didn't know what the person who was wearing the cow costume looked like.

Despite best pals Rita and the Cash Cow crossing their fingers, the call to Lake Macquarie for the $30,000 jackpot was not answered in time.

They both had their fingers crossed. Source: Seven
Unfortunately the phone was not answered in time so the $30,000 jackpot wasn't won by anyone. Source: Seven

"That is a big mistake," the star joked.

We hope Rita got a new best friend out of her time on the Sunrise couch.

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