Roxy Jacenko talks about her mum’s breast cancer battle

Sarah Norton

Roxy Jacenko has spoken about her mother’s previous breast cancer battle and about how she should “have known better.”

The PR queen admits she thought she didn’t have to worry about the disease until she was 40 or older.

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Roxy and her mum. Source: Instagram

Roxy spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald about her mother’s battle with breast cancer.

"I should have known better and I should have done routine mammograms knowing that my mum had suffered from breast cancer – but I didn't, I just thought, 'I'll worry about that when I am 40 plus',” she told the publication.

The mother-of-two said that even if you think it won’t happen to you, one day it could like it did for her.

"Don't just happen to be showering and come across a lump like I did," she told Fairfax Media.

Roxy with her mum and daughter. Source: Instagram

The 36-year-old told Woman’s Day that she “vividly” remembers her mum’s treatment and the toll it took.

Roxy vows to have the same determination and strength as her mother. She says she’ll beat the disease like her mum did a decade ago.

Roxy and her mum. Source: Instagram

The businesswoman has said that she won’t be slowing down and that it will be business as usual for now.

“If I felt unwell, I would, as one cannot get better if they don’t rest and take things slower, but I don’t feel unwell,” she told Fairfax Media.

Roxy wants to continue life as normal until the treatment begins and then she will reassess if need be.

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