Exclusive: Roxy Jacenko didn't want Oliver to talk about cheating scandal

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It's the topic she's tried to steer clear of, but Roxy Jacenko's husband Oliver Curtis didn't shy away from addressing the fact that his wife hooked up with her ex Nabil Gazal while he [Oliver] was behind bars last year.

During a radio appearance on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O show on Wednesday morning, Oliver ripped into his wife's ex, asking "What kind of human being does what actually happened where you move in on a man’s wife while somebody’s in jail?".

Speaking to Be after the radio interview on Wednesday, Roxy, who is promoting her Skinny Tan range, said she was "surprised" to hear Oliver speak out about the touchy topic, as she really did not want her husband to mention it at all.

Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko admits she thought she didn't want her husband Oliver Curtis to speak about her brief fling with ex Nabil Gazal on radio on Wednesday morning. Source: Instagram
Roxy's ex, high-profile property developer Nabil Gazal Junior. Source: AAP

In fact the Sweaty Betty PR founder went to great lengths to avoid any on-air awkwardness, but it seems Oliver felt the time was right to weigh in on the situation.

"I actually made a point to the producers of Kyle and Jackie O pre-show that the subject was a no-go zone," Roxy told Be, adding, "I didn’t let Oli know that".
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"However Oli voiced it of his own accord which certainly took me by surprise," she continued.

Roxy and Oliver had been married for 5 years when they hit a rocky patch. Source: Instagram

Having said that, Roxy understands why her husband voiced his perspective, and appreciates their mutual respect for each other.

"One thing about Oli is no matter what, he has my back on every front," she told Be.

"That’s why we repaired things albeit with the separation - finding that in life isn’t easy."

Despite their difficulties, they became engaged again last year. Source: Instagram

Last year images surfaced of Roxy locking lips with ex Nabil, all the while Oliver was in prison following an insider trading conviction.

On Wednesday morning Oliver spoke about the brief separation period he and Roxy had during that time.

"There was a separation period although what I will say and I’ll say this on air, it’s absolutely disgusting," Oliver told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

The couple share two children Pixie and Hunter. Source: Instagram

"What kind of human being does what actually happened?" Where you move in on a man’s wife while somebody’s in jail? I mean come on," he added.

"This is the guy that was playing the friend card and 'I’m here for you and you’ve got cancer' blah blah blah.. and then all of a sudden he bloody moves in, come on! Is there a lower human being?"

Oliver also made it clear that he "wouldn't want to run into him [Nabil]" or rather "he wouldn’t want to run into me".

At that point Roxy chimed in to ease the tension.

Oliver has been supporting Roxy as she promotes her new Skinny Tan range. Source: Supplied

"Ok so in short, I did the wrong thing but all was not merry on the home front," she admitted.

Now months on, things are rosier at home, as the pair enjoy celebrating their second engagement while watching children Pixie and Hunter grow up.

As for the Nabil scandal, Roxy's happy for her and Oliver to put that one behind them once and for all.

"We don’t talk about it," she finally said to Be.

"It’s the past, and that’s where now the subject needs to remain."

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