The simple trick to get a hotel room upgrade

Kristine Tarbert

Gone are the days of coming up with elaborate anniversary stories to bag yourself a hotel room upgrade. Try this super simple trick instead.

You'll laugh when you realise how easy it can apparently be to score yourself a better, more luxurious, room without the required, honeymoon or wedding night back story.

And it's just this - ask.

The simple way to get a room upgrade is to ask. Photo: Getty

That's right. When you rock up at the front desk to check in, just flash the staff member a big smile and ask if an upgrade would be available.

It looks like there are good odds your courage will reap rewards, according to a Quora user.

“Always ask for a better room or free upgrade – about half the time, you get one,” the person wrote online.

Being nice to staff and asking for an upgrade can be very successful. Photo: Getty

Of course that isn't the only way.

According to a blog post by travel writer Dustin Turner, one you may not have thought of is - politely - reporting problems in the room.

Booking over the phone can also score you a better room. Photo: Getty

Booking over the phone is also more personal than online and likely to leave you coming out with a better room.

Finally, wearing business wear is apparently also a better option when it comes to making staff think you are a frequent traveller.

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