Carrie Bickmore breaks down during emotional interview

Sarah Norton

On Monday night’s episode of The Project, Carrie Bickmore interviewed the parents of a terminally ill three-year-old boy, Bede who has brain cancer.

Bede’s mum Isabella Darch received much backlash after writing a blog post in April about wanting her son to die. Carrie’s now asking people to stop judging before they have walked in her shoes.

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Carrie breaks down. Source: The Project/TEN

During the show Carrie said we had to understand the family’s struggles and the love they have for their children, to understand their point-of-view.

Bede has brain cancer and Isabella explained to the TV host that she wanted to give her son, “the death he deserves.”

Isabella talking to Carrie. Source: The Project/TEN

Although Bede has outlived most of the life spans he’s been given by experts, the doctors gave him just six months to live in April. This was after four successive scans found his growth had developed.

“We always say Bede’s life is a miracle of medicine and love because they’ve fought hand-in-hand,” she told Carrie.

This was the line that brought The Project host to tears; Carrie apologised as she wiped them away.

The 35-year-old lost her husband Greg Lange to brain cancer in 2010, so it was a topic close to her heart.

Carrie is raising money through beanies for brain cancer. Source: Instagram

Isabella explained that she wanted to be able to give her son the death she wanted for him.

“Whoever thought they’d say those words?” She asked Carrie. “Brain cancer is an all-out brutal assault.”

Bede was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was three-months-old. His dad, Roy said that sometimes he cried for 23 hours a day and there was nothing they could do but hold him.

Bede. Source: The Project/TEN

The toddler can’t speak, see or eat without a stomach tube.

“It takes the core out of a person and twists, and I wish I could spare my son that. Because he’s phenomenal and he doesn’t deserve it,” Isabella said.

On the panel, Carrie became teary again while the hosts discussed the story. She urged people not to judge others – or this family – until they had walked in their shoes.

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a carer. They have also hosted several fundraising events to help with money.

Isabella wrote in her April blog that the doctors had given her son six months to live and she wrote, “my heart is raw.”

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