EXCLUSIVE: Tim Robards thinks 'pressure' caused Sophie and Stu split

Olivia Morris

The original Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich have proven that love after the show can stand the test of time, but it wasn't the same for Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy.

Chatting with us as a part of his ambassador role with Deliveroo for their campaign 'Summeroo', Be asked Tim about the Bachelorette couple's recent split and he thought it may have been down to "pressure".

"Anyone that goes into the Bachelor after Anna and I, I guess there is pressure to make it work," he said. "Because people follow you, so many people invest their time and energy and they want to see it be successful and, so, there is a lot of pressure to make it successful."

Tim Robards, here with fiancée Anna Heinrich, reckons
Sophie Monk announced she and Stu Laundy had parted ways last week. They former couple are pictured here at the 2017 ARIA Awards. Source: Getty

The 35-year-old also compared the Network Ten reality show to Married At First Sight.

"It's kind of like Married At First Sight," he admitted to Be. "It's kind of like an arranged marriage. Even though you still choose, you're choosing from a group [of people] someone [else] has chosen for you."

He then discussed how the Bachelor and Bachelorette has changed since season one.

Tim and Anna announced their engagement last year and are due to wed in 2018. Source: Instagram / @annaheinrich1

"I was super lucky that I had Anna in there," Tim said. "I think for the first season they really wanted to make a show about two people falling in love.

"I think since then... it becomes more entertaining from other factors, you know, sometimes they love the drama or whatever. I think initially, they did love a bit of drama but they really did have intention for two people to fall in love."

Well, even if Sophie and Stu didn't last, Tim has found true love with Anna and the pair are set to wed this year.

Congratulations, guys.

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