Frances Abbott engaged after two-week relationship

Sarah Carty

Frances Abbott has announced that she is engaged to Sam Lock, just two weeks after meeting the Olympic rower.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s 26-year-old daughter took to her Instagram account to make the shock announcement, alongside a very cute stream of photos.

“Two weeks was all it took to know that forever with you was a mighty fine idea,” she wrote.

Frances Abbott has revealed she's engaged. Photo: Getty Images
She took to her Instagram account to make the announcement. Photo: Instagram

She also added the hashtags #engaged, #helikeditsoheputaringonit #whywait #letsdothis.

The news comes just days after the marriage equality survey was announced, with an overwhelming number of people voting in favour of same-sex marriage.

Frances was a strong advocate for the ‘Yes’ side during the campaign and hashtagged #loveislove in her engagement announcement.

Her new fiancé, Sam Loch, is a 34-year-old Australian Olympic rower, who also took to his Instagram account to reveal the happy news.

“With the soon to be Mrs Loch,” he wrote alongside a snap of the pair.

Just a few weeks ago Frances gave an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where she described herself as “so single”.

Sam Loch also took to his Instagram account to share the happy news. Photo: Instagram
Frances Abbott recently entered a bodybuilding competition. Photo: Instagram
She showed off her incredible form at the competition. Photo: Instagram

“I always describe myself as ‘so single’, because that’s how single I am,” she said.

“Like, very, very single. But I also think it’s probably the best time to compete, because I don’t have a guy saying, ‘Let’s go get some dinner!’”.

However, it’s likely the duo bonded over their love for fitness, with Frances having recently competed in a bodybuilding competition and Sam also a keen weight lifter.

The 26-year-old personal trainer, took part in both the 'first timer' and 'sports model' categories at the Australian ICN Victorian State Titles competition in September.

She recently took to her Instagram account to share how hard it was on her body to get to the level of fitness she needed to compete.

Sam is also a keen weight lifter and an Olympic rower. Photo: Intagram

“I weighed my food meal by meal for around three months,” she started the post.

“I woke up at 4.15AM most mornings to do fasted cardio and I also had to become a bit of a social recluse to get the results I achieved in the amount of time that I had.”

Frances went on to reveal that she was “training like an athlete to compete in a competition, not just to drop a few KGs ‘to get ready for summer’.”

However, she admitted that her competition weight wasn’t sustainable long-term and she would get “upset for not reason” or “be freezing” out of the blue.

“Currently I’m very lean. In terms of sustainability, in terms of hormones and just general health, it’s not an ideal place for me to be long-term,” she told

“You need to have body fat for your hormones, for menstruation, cortisol levels.

“I will slowly build my calories back up to a place where I can maintain a healthy body weight ... function optimally, have good energy levels, be happy.”

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