Tell-tale signs your partner could cheat at the office Christmas party

Kristine Tarbert

The Christmas party season is in full swing and if you aren’t invited to your partner’s office bash and worried he or she might get up to no good, here are some of the signs to look out for.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox has said there are some signs that can actually predict whether your other half is likely to cheat at their Christmas party.

Mind you, she stresses that if one or two of these are going on in your relationship there is no reason to panic. In isolation, most of these behaviours don’t mean that your partner is about to cheat.

Quite often you’ll find there is a logical explanation for most things, but Tracey went through some of the top ten signs your partner – both guys and gals – might stray with the Daily Mail.

Christmas party season has arrived. Photo: Getty

The first is that his colleagues seem embarrassed if you are around him at work and struggle to look you in the eye.

Tracey says this is particularly pertinent if they used to be very cheery and welcoming, and it could mean he may have been bad-mouthing you or flirting with someone else in the office.

You should also take care if his colleagues are a bad influence and are known for partying hard, or have perhaps been unfaithful themselves.

Has he got a 'work wife' you haven't met. Photo: Getty

“Research has proven people are much more likely to cheat on their partner if they’re surrounded by people who see nothing wrong with it than those who would judge them harshly,” Tracey says.

If your man has a 'work wife' and you haven't met her, that's also red flag, especially if you’ve asked to meet her before but he’s always had an excuse.

“If either of them secretly lust after the other, throwing alcohol and a night out together into the mix does make the party a recipe for disaster,” Tracey tells the Daily Mail.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals the signs your partner might cheat. Photo: Getty

When it comes to the Christmas party itself, not being told where it's taking place when you ask and not being able to contact him are definite warning signs. As is him calling to say he'll spend the night on 'a friend's couch'.
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“If this is usual form for him and he often stays at other people’s places when he’s hit it hard, it’s nothing to worry about,” Tracey says. But if this is unusual behaviour, it could definitely mean he’s off to spend the night somewhere he shouldn’t.

Are his colleagues being weird around you. Photo: Getty

Taking a more general view, Tracey also says to beware if he’s stopped noticing you. She says paying attention is a key sign of commitment to the relationship. If that’s high, the less likely he will risk cheating.

Another one to look out for is if he's putting a lot of effort into his appearance. Maybe he’s joined a gym or bought some new clothes, which likely means some flirting has already started.

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