Fan suggests GoT's ending was revealed in pilot

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Warning! Spoilers ahead.

HBO's final season of Game of Thrones isn't set to air until April 2019, but a fan theory predicting Jon Snow's fate is gaining momentum thanks to evidence found hiding back in season one.

A reddit user has highlighted a tiny detail during the show's pilot episode that suggests Jon — who is currently facing an epic battle with the Night King and his army of the dead (which happens to include a dragon now, no biggie) — will survive.

A fan believes the ending of GoTs was revealed in the pilot episode, revealing Jon Snow's fate already. Source: HBO
Did this encounter between Jon and his uncle Benjen in episode one reveal the show's ending? Source: HBO

The snippet sees Jon Snow, played by British actor Kit Harrington, telling his uncle Benjen Stark that he wanted to leave Winterfell and join the Night’s Watch.

Benjen tries to tells his nephew that he's making a bad decision, highlighting that men of the watch made certain sacrifices including the ability to ever have kids.

The finale centres around a battle with the army of the dead, which now features one of Daenerys dragons. Source: HBO

The fan, who posted under the name bgrutherford99, has hinted that perhaps Benjen knew of Jon’s true parentage all along, hence why he was trying to put him off, as it would interrupt his destiny to take the Iron Throne.

“As Benjen was explaining to him that the brother's of the Night’s Watch couldn’t father any children, and Jon stated that he didn’t care, Benjen replied with ‘You might, if you knew what it meant’,” they wrote.

“Do you guys think Benjen was just speaking of fatherhood, or was he dropping a hint that he knew about Jon’s parentage, and that Jon’s child would be heir to the Iron Throne?”

The fate of Jon and Daenerys is being speculated widely. Source: HBO

Well, it seems lots of people agree with the rumoured ending.

"I think you're on to something..." one user wrote on Twitter, while others were quick to come back with their own ideas surrounding the show's highly anticipated ending.

Another popular theory suggests Daenerys will fall pregnant with Jon Snow's baby after their steamy night in bed together. Source: HBO

The most popular to date claims that Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, will find out she is pregnant with Jon’s child after their night of passion in the last season's climatic finale and will go on to rule Westeros alone.

Ooh, it's officially going to be a long 14 months until the show airs.

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