Trump supporters spark bizarre porn star conspiracy

Allison Yee

The world was left reeling after porn star Stormy Daniels went public with her sensational allegations of an affair with Donald Trump back in 2006.

Spilling all the sordid details in a 60 Minutes interview with TV host Anderson Cooper, adult actress Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, didn’t hold back as she spoke about the pair’s sex life and spanking.

Stormy's pupils during her bombshell interview have come under scrutiny. Photo: CNN

However the President’s supporters aren’t having a bar of it, and instead have ignited a conspiracy theory – based on the size of Stormy’s pupils during the interview.

The Twitterverse lit up as people shared photos of Stormy’s huge pupils, with some casting doubt on her story as they speculated she was on medication – or much more.

However experts claim there could be a perfectly normal explanation for Stormy's dilated pupils.

“It is absolutely wrong to assume that someone is on drugs (legal or illegal) based on dilated pupils,” Megan Papesh, an assistant professor at LSU who studies eye and pupil movement, told Business Insider.

Eagle-eyed viewers compared the size of Stormy's pupils to interviewer Anderson's, noting the difference. Photo: CNN

Megan claims that pupil dilation can occur for any number of reasons, from sexual attraction to the body responding to stimulus.

“Being interviewed for 60 Minutes is surely exciting or nerve-wracking, and both of those would reasonably cause dilation,” she added.

Trump is yet to officially make a statement on the porn star claims. Photo: Getty

With life in the White House continuing as usual after the first lady Melania Trump issued a statement yesterday revealing she was focusing on being a good mum, the ball is now in Trump’s court to see how he addresses the claims…

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