Melania's private punishment for Donald Trump

Allison Yee

He’s labelled her “my rock and foundation”, but as Donald Trump publicly sings the praises of his wife Melania, insiders say things aren’t quite as rosy as they seem privately.

While Melania is known for putting on a perfectly poised front no matter what scandalous headlines are swirling, the President is said to be feeling the full extent of her rage behind closed doors.

Famed for her poker face in front of the cameras, Melania’s icy front is continuing even when the world isn’t watching, with reports she’s punishing the President by giving him the silent treatment.

A report claims Melania's subjecting Trump to her icy rage behind closed doors. Photo: Getty

“Melania and Donald really don’t fight - at least, not like other married couple,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“If Melania is angry or upset about something she tends to internalise it, and she will just be icy silent towards whoever she’s at odds with.”

Staying silent is something Melania has perfected in recent months.

Earlier this year, details emerged of adult actress Stormy Daniels’ alleged affair with Trump, which took place when Melania had just given birth to the couple’s first child in 2006.

Things escalated when the porn star revealed all in a sordid 60 Minutes television interview, with an estimated 22 million people tuning in to hear details about spanking and ‘textbook generic sex’.

Porn star Stormy claims she had an affair with the President years ago. Photo: Getty

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal also came forward, issuing a public apology to Melania for reportedly having a months-long affair with Trump.

Despite her marriage being raked through the mud, Melania has steadfastly refused to react.

Karen claims she had an affair with Trump, soon after Melania gave birth to their son. Photo: CNN

With her only comment being that she’s “focused on being a mum”, insiders say loyalty to her 12-year-old son is the main reason she’s still by the President’s side.

Melania has revealed in a statement her family is her first priority. Photo: Getty

“She refuses to take the easy way out if it means it could cause… any kind of upset,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“So she has vowed to tough it out and stay with Donald, no matter what.”

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