Online war rages over Sydney bus 'pramgate'

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An Aussie mum has sparked a furious debate after posting an image online of a pram blocking seats on a busy Sydney bus.

Sharing the image to a local mum’s group, she called on mums everywhere to be more considerate.

“Let’s help each other out and not do stuff like this,” she wrote.

“These people have disappeared off upstairs but their pram is taking up three seats.”

An Aussie mum has shared this image of a pram blocking available seats. Photo: Facebook

She went on to say she intended to fold it up and place it in the luggage area so other people could use the space.

“Seems fair,” she said.

Many were quick to agree with the mum saying those seats should be left free for disabled and elderly passengers.

“It’s not their space to leave the pram,” one person commented.

The image sparked a furious debate online. Photo: Facebook

“If people used common sense then photos wouldn’t need to be taken,” another added.

“So thoughtless,” a person wrote.

However, many were quick to call out the original poster for judging when she didn’t know the situation and said she should offer to help instead of taking a photo.

“I would be furious if you did that to my pram and I had to juggle a baby and fold a pram,” one person said.

The original poster said the bus was busy at the time. Photo: Getty

“Rather than judge, maybe just ask if they would like help,” another wrote.

“I don’t get why people can’t go speak to the people…instead of taking a photo and having a whinge.”

The mum was quick to defend herself.

“I’m here with my pram and all associated baby bits too so I know it’s tough,” she responded. “On a busy bus it seems unfair to other passengers.”

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