Sophie Monk acts like 'diva' in new prank

Emma Shepherd

Aussie Bachelorette star Sophie Monk has teamed up with KIIS FM host Jackie O to pull a hilarious prank that see's her behaving like a total diva.

The video shows the 37-year-old sitting at a table in a restaurant with a hidden earpiece, while Jackie O tells her what to say and do.

Watch video above. Trust us, it will give you all the LOLs.

Sophie Monk arrives at the restaurant and asked to ring the front desk bell continuously. Source: KIIS

In the clip Sophie is told to flirt and say certain things to a male waiter who was looking after her and it's all pretty darn funny.

The clip starts off with the Bachelorette star arriving at the restaurant and being told to ring the bell at the front desk continuously.

As she's being shown to her table, her hidden companion asks Soph to perform a dramatic twirl before sitting down at her table.

Sophie was told to start taking selfie's in front of the waiter. Source: KIIS

From then on the escapades continue, with Sophie taking a series of embarrassing selfies and asking super cringe questions.

"Do you think iI'm prettier in real life or TV?" Jackie instructed her to say.

Naturally Sophie, who is clearly not afraid of anything, obliged.

Jackie tells Sophie to ask him to rate her her out of 10. Source: KIIS

"I think you're prettier in both," the waiter replies.

Jackie then tells her to say, "Out of ten what would you rate me?".

"Eleven," he said.

"Omg he's the nicest person in the world," Sophie laughs after the waiter left the table, leaving the two women in hysterics.

"I cant believe he hasn't caught on yet, " Jackie laughs.

"He just accepts that I'm a diva," Soph replies.

She's seen blowing bubbles with him while taking a video on her phone. Source: KIIS

Over the course of the skit the reality-star continues to do shameless things, evening ordering a whole bottle of wine to herself saying, "Mummy loves a Jesus Juice."

She's then told to tell him he's attractive while awkwardly rubbing his shoulder.

"I did the Bachelorette," she says to him. "I know chemistry."

As she leaves, after wrapping up her leftovers from her plate and putting them in her handbag along with her bottle of vino, she grabs everyone's attention by dinging on her glass.

She makes a toast and Jackie O appears from the next room to end Sophie embarrassment. Source: KISS

“I want to make a toast," she said to leaving diners. "Cheers to Sophie Monk!"

Jackie O then appears from a nearby room deciding to end the embarrassing episode for Sophie by entering the restaurant and letting the waiter in on the prank.

Thanks for the laughs...we love you Sophie.

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