WATCH: Dad loses it after busting daughter's cheating boyfriend

Kristine Tarbert

A dad has completely lost his cool and threatened to belt his daughter’s boyfriend after he was busted cheating with a half-naked model.

Falling straight into the honey trap filmed for the latest episode of To Catch a Cheater on Youtube, girlfriend Ashley is left in tears by the end of the sting, and her dad furious.

Ironically, at the beginning of the clip, Ashley confidently announces she is here to “prove there can be some faithful men in this world.”

But she’s quickly disappointed when her other half Daniel is approached by a blonde beauty outside a café and when she comes over and sits down he promptly ‘forgets’ he has a girlfriend.

Daniel 'forgets' he has a girlfriend. Photo: Youtube

It doesn’t take long and he is feeling her heartbeat, trading numbers and offering to help the model with some kissing practice for a shoot.

Ashley and her dad Joe watch on in complete shock and by the end of the encounter she’s in tears and asking for the cameras to be switched off. Not before the show’s host offers to set up a sting though.

It results in the most cringe worthy encounter, when the boyfriend walks straight into the trap, visiting the model at her house.

He seemed keen to help with 'kissing practice'. Photo: Youtube

She’s already half-naked in her swimwear and excitedly announces that her ‘topless’ friend is getting ready. But instead of another model in comes Ashley’s dad and he is fuming.

“I took you to dinner and you looked me in the eye and told me you loved her,” he says.

“I would drive this fist right up your a** if I could.”

Instead he is busted by his girlfriend's dad. Photo: Youtube

He’s either about to pop a fuse or very good at acting, we can’t decide. Either way it reaches the next level when he pulls out his belt and scares Daniel out of the house – running straight into Ashley.

You can imagine how that ended, but while a lot of people seem convinced that the whole thing was real, a few were sceptical.

Take a look for yourself in the video above.

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